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A neighbour’s 18 year old daughter had an open invitation to come round because she liked my dog when out on walks. Little did I know she’d been following me on a mild BDSM site. Anyway one lunchtime she visited to ask about things kink which was quite a surprise to say the least.

The Q&A became quite deep so I got the toys out. Finally I took out the various dildos which included Bad Dragon, Elypseart and Zoofur/Zetapaws. Cue big round eyes, a few little gasps and a lot of blushing. My dog was sniffing around her but I paid him no attention.

I realised the time and made excuses Food shopping was still to be done. I told her she was welcome to check everything out including various books with the proviso she tidied up once done.

Fast forward two hours.

I returned and started putting stuff away in the kitchen wondering why my dog hadn’t said hello and hoping he wasn’t up to any mischief. Then I noticed some great moans and groans. Surely it couldn’t be her. She should have been long gone. I left everything to check out the sounds.

Wow. Really, Wow.

Somebody had made herself comfortable. T-shirt pulled up, front opening bra popped open revealing cute breasts with pink, hard nipples. Her skirt was up around her waist and she was slumped down over the edge of the settee with very spread legs. Knickers pulled to one side. 

First thought. My luck’s in. What a sexy sight. Then what the heck? My young dog has his snout buried in her crotch with his tongue trying to make a new channel tunnel. Her tummy muscles were quivering, one hand was gripping a cushion like there was no tomorrow, head back with the whites of her eyes showing and covered on sweat. 

After she’d settled down a bit I coughed to let her know I was there. The look of horror and the huge blush was fantastic. I suggested she either get dressed or get naked while I finished putting the shopping away.

On returning to the room expecting her to be fully dressed was I surprised again. There she was. Naked. Leaning over the arm of the chair, legs together straight back and her arms out in front. Nice bum. Very white skin. The look in her eyes full of fear and need. Fear of rejection possibly. It’s not exactly what a quick visit turns out normally with someone you don’t talk with much. I’m three times her age.

I knelt down beside her and asked what she was doing. She quietly said she’d been bad (not in my book!) and was long overdue someone punishing her. Making sure she really meant it I then cuffed her wrists and ankles. No collar because she wasn’t mine. I pulled her up by her hair and arranged her over my lap to start. It was heaven to firmly spank untouched cheeks. Watching them redden as she twisted her hips initially.

My dog lay in the corner watching and wondering what was going on.

Much more happened. Eventually she asked for cock. Not mine though. Such a lovely request deserved to be honoured. So it was. Sqeaks, squeals, crying, tears, squirming and finally acceptance after the shock of being hammered deep and hard then stretched while pushed down by her shoulders.

She had to explain the marks and scratches to her partner. I’m hoping the summer holiday will bring them both back.

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  1. napemi2019 1 month ago

    Hot story.
    Nice threesome 😉
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. citizen 3 months ago

    What a great experiance and a well written story,, Congrats ! Cit

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