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Congratulations! Your foxy Pet Crush has replied to your initial message. Since this is part 2, I’m assuming you read the prior blog and sent something thoughtful to catch her attention. Now things get even more interesting. It’s time to turn the hellos into a conversation then … well, we can hope can’t we 😉 Think of all of this as what it is – the primitive dance we all do and who wants a life without dancing?

“A Revolution without dancing is a Revolution not worth having”.


She’s replied and you are super excited. I get it. But DON’T JUMP THE GUN! I’m excited for y’all, but this is the easiest point to totally blow your chance. You’ve exchanged initial pleasantries but that doesn’t mean you should launch into 20 questions on her sex life. That’s like whipping out your dick in a bar after you buy a lady a drink – bad form, which could (dare I say should) get you slapped. So, take a deep breath and gauge her reply. What she says, or doesn’t say, will give you plenty of clues about how to proceed. I’ll give a few examples of her reply and my interpretation of the meaning.

  • “Hi”, “Hello”, ”Hey” (1-word greeting reply) =  This is noncommittal. She’s obviously not sold but the door is open to make pleasant conversation, proceed with caution (hey it’s a reply – better than silence)
  • “Thanks for sending ______” (reply about a pic, music, experience you sent) =  This is expressing a level of interest as she’s bothered replying specifically about what you sent. It’s a good start
  • “…. __ (some tidbit about herself, not necessarily pet or sexual) = Genuine effort is being made here. She’s definitely interested, so encourage her into a conversation along the lines of her reply
  • “… (details about her pet life, fantasies, etc.) =  Well, damn, I don’t know what you sent but you have her FULL attention. Congratulations my friend, you are an animal sex Don Juan. I don’t think this is very typical right off, but I’ve heard it can happen … if you are in like that from the get then I think you already know what to do. 😉 Bravo Ruff-meo!

This blog will focus on the first 3 types of responses, as the 4th doesn’t need my help!



Any Pet Lady worth her collar will expect to converse extensively before she will seriously consider anything further. So, these initial conversations lay the groundwork for anything in the future. As tempting as it will be to launch into what you like and want from her, I cannot overemphasize the importance of learning about her – both as a lady AND a Pet Girl.

You’ve already done your research on her profile, now it’s time to ask questions about things she’s mentioned. Or continue the conversation she’s started in her reply. Beware that your tone doesn’t come across as interrogating, keep things light and friendly. Here are a few suggestions to get her talking using the above replies:

  • “Hey Lady, awesome to hear back from you. How’s your day going? Is the quarantine getting to you like it is to me? If it weren’t for all the extra time to cuddle Sampsy I think I’d be going crazy” = Several questions to start a dialogue, plus a little bit about me to avoid the 20 questions vibe
  • “Hello again, I’m so glad you liked ___ (whatever you sent) ___. I’m sure you get a lot of demanding messages so I wanted to share with you something I enjoy/a little about me (whatever the case may be).      What’s your passion? I’d love to hear about it”  = Attempting to find some common interests, as well as engaging her to talk about what she loves
  • “That’s really cool, thanks so much for opening up and sharing ____ (whatever it was) ___ with me. I found your profile quite intriguing, so I’d like to get to know you better. Is there something you’d like to know about me?”  = This reply is different because she opened up first. Reciprocating by allowing her to ask questions is not only polite, but a great way to get to know each other better

To recap, all of the example replies have a few things in common: (1) Always thank her for replying …she’s picked you out of the zillions of chaps messaging her. Expressing your thanks is good form (2) Although, in different ways, all allow her to lead which keeps you from coming across as pushy. (3) None have any mention of pics, fantasies or phone calls/camming – it is still early in your conversation. MOST Pet Ladies want to build a rapport before you inquire about the more intimate details of her wild desires.



The nature of this site lends itself to extreme levels of privacy. I cannot stress to you enough that asking too detailed of questions early on can come across highly suspect and creepy, even if that is not the intention. Pet Ladies are a rare, much sought after breed of woman – which means that we get a lot of attention both positive and negative. Sadly, some of that attention can be creepy as fuck, if not downright dangerous.

As an avid Pet Lady admirer, I’d recommend you resist the urge to ask for too many details (specific location, employer, full name, etc.) initially. If you ask a question and she goes radio silent, perhaps look at what you asked and if she might have taken it as too intrusive. All kinds of alarm bells go off in my head when a stranger on ANY site asks questions that can identify me. On this site, that’s my 2nd fastest block. (You already know my instant-block trigger)



The adage “when you assume you make an ass out of you and me” is highly applicable here. Assuming her interests, experience level, relationship status, etc. can cause things to get awkward very quickly. Everyone’s reasons for being on the site are different as are their situations in real life.

Asking questions is a good way to find out these things, but please be mindful of how you come across. Anything that is judgey is never a good idea. Rule of thumb I use when asking questions is: if in doubt – don’t! If it seems like something you are writing could be taken the wrong way, rethink it and if it begs to be asked, re-word it in as innocuous a manner as possible.



STAYS IN PM! For the love of God, if you are lucky enough to connect with that foxy lady show her some respect. She’s sharing details with you that she probably doesn’t share with many others on the site or in her life. That’s a level of trust that merits the utmost discretion. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having my personal business brought up in the main chat (the lounge). It was highly uncomfortable for me and ended my talking to that person. If you cross paths in the main chat, be friendly but do not divulge your conversations. PM is private by nature. Treat it that way. (Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox)



Given that we are discussing an adult site, sugar (or lack of) can come into play. I’m assuming we all know the basics. My reason for addressing this is due to some very awkward situations I’ve seen both in the main chat as well as make their way into my personal inbox. In any situation, there is a time and a place. The main chat is not the place. The time is not the first full sentence you type after saying hello. Know your audience. Not every Pet Girl in here is a SugarBaby – I’d bet most actually aren’t. The ones who are will let you know. Assumptions are never a good thing. If you are interested in a sugar arrangement, be realistic and upfront about both your expectations as well as what you can provide. Promising the world and not delivering is not a good look. Don’t be that guy!



In closing, I want to remind everyone that this is supposed to be a good time. Online voyeuristic fantasy or real-life playtime; the pursuit of petlove should be enjoyable for all involved. Chat is no exception. This isn’t anyone’s job so remember nobody owes each other anything further than respect. It may take a few tries before you find the wild lady you crave, but don’t get discouraged.

Take the time to sniff each other out and enjoy the dance!

Xxx BellaBitch xxX

Writer’s note – This article is written from a female’s perspective (mine) of a male pursuing a female so the pronouns reflect it as such. However, most of the advice can cross genders as it is the basics of good manners in sexual pursuit. I’m in no way discounting the wonderful male pet playmates or my fabulous LGTB friends.             <3 <3 <3 to ALL


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  1. DomCanine 5 months ago

    Great blog Bella! Well written as usual and highlights the importance of patience and respect above all else. There will always be some people who just want to get-off then move on as quickly as possible, and I dare say there is not much that can be done to help these folks, but this blog is an absolute must read for anyone serious about making friends and real connections on this site.

  2. nvgboy01 5 months ago

    Great blog post Bella!!

  3. TheFluffiest 5 months ago

    Great blog Bella. Last one is perhaps the most important one (or at least it is to me). People come here to have fun. If you keep that in mind when chatting, chances of the conversation actually evolving beyond a timid “Hi” are a lot higher. Good luck to all and don’t forget to also bring tennisballs 😛

  4. Beastyman069 5 months ago

    Great reading and perspective. A must read by members.

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