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Well folks, it is Christmas again! I hope you are all in a suitably Yuletide spirit. Just a Christmas quickie this year.

Not being religious, not being particularly family orientated, and being a workaholic, I am somewhat of a Scrooge unfortunately (case in point, blogging on Christmas Day). For the most part special days and holidays go unnoticed. However, with all it’s consumer crap and hassle, Christmas remains the one time of the year that I can’t help feeling a bit festive, with more than usual affection toward my fellow man and woman.

It’s been a while since discovering that Santa didn’t exist, as far as I am aware (probably been on the naughty list for a while). Still, I can still remember the magic and wonder of Christmas time. The snow, the bells, singing – Christmas trees, all that. It’s a cold person indeed that can’t still find some wonder in this special time.


ArtOfZoo ViviKnotty Dog Sex

Merry Christmas from ViviKnotty and TeenLuma…


As I remind you almost every year – Christmas is largely a Pagan festival, with it’s Tree of Life, and strange magical creatures roaming the night. It’s the death of the year, and the birth of a new year. And I would remind everyone, animal sex was Pop Idol for Pagans. Deep down, I suspect many of us can still relate to our Pagan roots. All the more reason to enjoy this season.


ArtOfZoo Christmas DogsLucy

Sexy Lucy has something special for her dog, and her Group Members this Christmas…


As for pet fun, well. On those chilly nights around the fireplace, what better time to wrap yourself in a furry friend? 🙂 We were a bit late for it this year, but there are a few weeks just prior to Christmas, that we usually receive a noticeable increase in mails, inquiries, verifications etc from Ladies. I’ve never managed to figure out the reason for that sudden surge of interest. Ladies would logically be most fertile 9 months before springtime, not 1 -2 months. Then, the gestation period for puppies is about that long – could it be?


ArtOfZoo Dog Sex


Getting our community site up again is the best Christmas present a chap could ask for. We are getting some very interesting people joining our network. It’s great to be making new friends, and hooking up with old ones. We’ve got a lot of big jobs out of the way already. Next year we will get on with fixing, improving and adding new features to the site, as well as new plans and new fun.


ArtOfZoo ILZ Christmas Bestiality

Festive animal sex greetings from ILZ!


Still, perfection comes later. For now, the site is working fine in the most important area – finding new friends. If you were in any doubt, here is a heartwarming Christmas story for you. Ms. Pinebark, a lovely Verified Lady, has been awaiting her first K9 experience for a very long time. I’m very happy to announce, that the Lady lost her doggy cherry on Christmas Eve. Those doggy sperms are still racing through the Lady as we speak. That did not take long at all eh, goes to show what Getting Verified, and a little doggy sex drive can do. I have a great before-and-after interview with Pinebark, detailing the Lady’s transformation into a K9 Butterfly and experienced dog slave.


ArtOfZoo PineBark Dog Sex

Pinebark’s first dog penis inside her, and first Christmas filled with dog sperm!


Pinebark is not alone, I am aware that several other Ladies have hooked up successfully, other doggy cherries have been lost in the snow. What better reason to be festive, than knowing our efforts = more Ladies getting into dog sex around the world? 🙂 I say our efforts, because of course it is a team effort. So, a big thanks and Merry Christmas to my crew, ILZ, Lolophus, LucienOM, Song2, SXSF for keeping things running. To all our Patrons and supporters, for paying the bills and keeping the show on the road. To all our lovely Pet Ladies, for being the superb creatures you are. To all our Owners, for taking such good care of our Pet Ladies needs. To everyone posting and contributing, everyone spreading the word, really everyone. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year.


Latin Dog Sex

Feliz Fiesta from the Zoo Hispánica Group…


Next year, we might introduce you to Minnie, our perfectly formed tiny 130cm Pet Lady who is so tiny, she actually weighs 10kg less than Animal. I know you folks like a big doggy, and no dog bigger than a dog bigger than you 😉

Merry Christmas all, have a great one and see you on the other side.

All the best in jingle bells petlove,

Adam and the Gaia Crew.


ArtOfZoo Snowy Dog Sex

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  1. perruchin 1 year ago

    merry christmas and happy new year 2018 i so love artofzoo

  2. mesa66 1 year ago

    New dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new joys, wishing all pet fans a Happy New Year2018

  3. willdabeast 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas to the Gaia Team!

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