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I was first licked when I was 18 years old by a neighbors dog that more or less ran free like a stray. I was in my back yard one hot summer night, sweating and shirtless. I had been doing some yard work for another neighbor and sat at our pick-nick table to cool down before I showered. My friends dog Benji came trotting into the yard and immediately came to me looking for a pet. I leaned down and he licked my face as I rubbed him behind his ears. All of a sudden he licked my sweaty chest, grazing a nipple. It sent a shock wave through me. I had always loved my nipples gently pulled or licked. I shivered.

He was possessed, He quickly began pushing into my crotch with his snout. As I pushed him back he barked at me and pushed into me again. After the nipple lick and the last poke from his snout, my cock was hardening, I was aroused.

On the next poke Benji stuck his nose up my short pants legs and licked. That was it! His tongue licked the head of my cock and again I felt like I had been struck by lightening. Benji knew we were at a defining moment as he sat back, just looking at me. I took off my pants and laid in the grass naked. His tongue went to my cock. His long slithering wet tongue swirled over the head licking up the pre cum that was oozing from it. It was amazing. I was in a place where everything was standing still. Raising my legs and pulling them back, his tongue went for my sweaty bottom. His powerful tongue was trying to squirm into my hole. My hands reached down and tried as best I could to open myself, spreading my butt cheeks to offer him my ass, I wanted more of that amazing tongue.

My cock was ready to burst. I was oozing pre cum. I began stroking it as he continued licking my rosebud. Benji would lick my thighs, and then back to my ass. I needed him licking my cock. I dipped my finger into the wetness of pre cum pooled on my belly offering him a taste. He licked my fingers and went to my cock. I held it as he licked the head and then the sides. He sniffed and licked my balls. I was in heaven. I needed to cum so bad, but I never wanted this to end. I could no longer hold back, I my cock exploded as Benji licked me clean

One thing led to another with Benji. He would follow me all day if he could. He would sit on our back porch waiting for me to come outside. I loved it, we became fast friends that summer. When I wasn’t working I would skinny dip in a small lake near my house and he would follow along. He would swim with me and then lick me over and over all day. I was addicted to his tongue! When he licked my sparely haired cock I would get so aroused, I only wanted more.

One day I was laying naked in the tall grass and he was licking me, his hind quarters were even with my head as he licked my cock. I looked up and saw his cock emerging from his sheath. It was such a lovely pink wet tip. A little doggy pre cum was dripping out. He has licked me so many times, giving me so much pleasure, maybe I should stroke him and make him cum. First I rubbed his belly and then I moved to fondled him. I wasn’t sure how he might respond. His cock was emerging more and he was leaking more doggy pre cum. My fingers were wet. He seemed to like it as he began humping my hand, I began stroking it as the tip came out farther and it began to swell. Some of his cum landed on my hand and then on my lip. I licked my lip and thought, “Hmmmm, a bit metallic, but not bad”…..

I thought about it for a moment and raised my head and licked the tip. He must have loved it as he stopped humping. He stood still while I licked him again. His cock was changing color, becoming a deeper red and was getting much bigger. There was a ball growing at the base, which I learned was his knot and soon it was exposed as well. I had sucked my friends cock so I thought what the hell! Why not? I took him in my mouth as he began humping. As I swirled my tongue over the tip and sides he stood still again. He was flooding my mouth with his pre-cum and it was dripping down my chin and face. I wiped some off and wiped it on my belly. He began licking my belly and then I wiped some on my cock and balls too. I closed my eyes and sucked. I was lost in the feel of his hot cock when he came, filling my mouth and throat with a thicker liquid.

Now, this was embarrassing. Every time I saw Benji his cock was emerging, showing his red rocket. My neighbor kept asking me why his dog’s cock was always out when he saw me, he would have died if he knew I was sucking his dog’s cock.

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  1. hozzman 1 week ago

    Wow, really hot

  2. zoogal 3 weeks ago

    Love this story… Need more man-dog stories!! I know your out there guys!!

  3. ficker 2 months ago

    Ich habe eine Hundedame dir leckt mich auch immer bevor ich sie ficke

  4. varvara 2 months ago

    Это чудесный пример обмена сексуальными чувствами.Это сказочно ярко описано.Описано так,что я чувствовала как сама сосу член Кобеля и при этом испытываю оргазм.Благодарю!

  5. curious1952 2 months ago

    If only I could have that experience.

  6. porterdriver 3 months ago

    Love all pet-love stories but especially enjoy boy-pet stories. Thanks silly gooz.

    • Author
      sillygooz 2 months ago

      Me too. I love boy-pet stories. They always remind me of myself and how I came to discover the joy of a k9 tongue and cock.

  7. knot4me22 3 months ago

    Great to see some content from beast guys. Keep up the good work.

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