ArtOfZoo - A Girl's Guide to Breeding with Large Dogs

I’ve written this document as I really struggled to find real facts that were appropriate and asking for advice online generally just found me people who either would lie or were just getting kicks out of talking to me.

I will cover the facts as I see / have experienced rather than the fluffy “Wow” rubbish mostly published online. Don’t get me wrong, some of the guides on here are quite good when you find the bits you need!

Ok, so headlines before you read too much and this isn’t for you…

Large dogs are not easy to control nor are they easy to do this with. Forget everything you see on movies online etc, unless well trained, he isn’t going to just pop on and make it all happen. In my experience large dogs are not always the brightest and just don’t get it!

If and that is a big IF you get mounted, please do so on the expectation that once you are on the ride, like a roller coaster, there is no getting off. Larger dogs generally also mean stronger dogs, and believe me if they are strong, forget all the talk about control, especially if you are being mounted from behind.

If you are of a smaller frame and you do knot, be ready for a reasonable wait to de-couple. Don’t try to do this in a stolen half hour when everyone is out, that is only going to end in embarrassment or disaster.

The end result is likely to be amazing if everything comes together, but the journey there isn’t going to be all “smiles, ooohs and ahhhs”. There is likely to initially be significant frustration and if things do work, some tough times before the good times roll!

So if you are still reading, you know the basics! I am not going to explain all the mechanics of the act, there are plenty of good guides on that already on here. What I am going to document is things I learned and might help!

Forget the hand and knees position, depending on the height of the dog, you need your shoulders a lot lower than your hips. You can push your bum in the air and shoulders down on the floor as an option.

If the dog is bigger / taller, laying over something like a stool or even better a piano type stool, so you can have your hips high and shoulders low.

Have help, you need someone to keep the dog still if he knots, you do not want to be dragged around the room by him!

If he does mount, be ready! Take one hell of a deep breath and be ready for a bit of a shock! He is going to drive himself all in within seconds and it’s going to knock the wind out of you. There are no half measures and if the dog is a large breed, he could be substantial.

The hammering / humping isn’t likely to go on for long at all. The films give the idea you could be being humped for quite some time… unlikely! He will drive into you and within moments the knot will engorge. Its fairly simple, either he got deep enough that the knot is in, or its outside and expanding. If it’s in you are really going to know about it.

If the knot is inside, try to push back and ensure its swelling properly inside, not just at the entrance, although his length might make pushing back hurt due to the depth, that discomfort will be nothing compared to the knot swelling half in and out.

Be aware if the knot does swell inside, the swelling will draw him further in you, and so if he was deep already, this can cause some more discomfort. There is nothing you can do at this stage, try to keep calm…. If you tense up you will also clamp down on him and make it worse.

If you are slim / tight and the knot is large, there is no dressing it up, it’s going to be painful to start with, there is no shame in showing it and letting your emotions out. I cried like a baby when I first knotted.

It will get better! That knot will throb and I mean THROB! And the sensations against your g-spot will send you crazy. No matter how tough you found being knotted, you are going to cum like you never knew possible.

When he begins to go down and want to dismount, have your helper keep him still. The last thing you want is him pulling out too early.

Even when he has shrunk down, it’s still going to be tough going when he pulls out.

Overall, a large breed can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, but don’t try it without really thinking it through. There are lots of fantasies about it about, the reality is somewhat harder work!

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  1. k9jazz 4 months ago

    I really want to try knotting anally but want more advice about it and maybe meet an owner for the first time or someone to join me who is experienced

  2. shampisabbu 5 months ago

    I need a help.
    I have a German shepherd but he is not interested in my partner.
    Can you help me.

  3. binhduong6122006 8 months ago

    Very good

  4. beckytush 9 months ago

    That was wonderful information, Obviously as a Trans I will of course have to work my way up to this.
    To start with I will have to have my first encounter 🙂
    Need to find an owner willng to breed me with their “DOG” (not Bitch) that’s me Haha.
    Here’s hoping..get in touch if you’re out there xxx

  5. Stryder69 9 months ago

    Awesome post… Along with some awesome replies.. Thank you!

  6. zodiacabonita 10 months ago

    One of the best feelings is the pulsing knot and the noticeable streams of semen shooting against your engorged and sensitive cervix. Depending on the dog breed, length of abstinence and diet, the amount of semen can become so much that it fills the entire canal and almost burns. It’s unlike anything you can feel otherwise. Guys: try getting an enema ball and filling it with hot water (not too hot!) and inserting it in your anus and squirting it every half second. That’s the closest you’ll likely get to feeling the spurts inside of you (unless you have a dog you mount regularly).

    The vaginal canal is full of pressure-sensitive nerve endings for evolutionary purposes (mainly to trigger orgasm which I’ll mention shortly). The engorged dog penis, particularly with larger breeds, brings back a primal feeling of being filled that re-acquaints women to their deep evolutionary past which ignites a true desire for being bred that no man can provide alone. Plastic or rubber objects cannot fulfill either because it is the warm, organic skin-to-skin physiology that makes the connection. When this magic happens, the female orgasm – thought to be a primal prerequisite for insemination – serves its original purpose and the cervix telescopes slightly towards the vaginal opening and the cervical os opens to essentially slurp up the semen collecting at the entrance thus filling a vacuum in the uterus for optimal insemination. The bigger the breed, the healthier the dog, the more semen; the more semen, the more you will have the pleasure of carrying around with you for days until it trickles out and/or is absorbed. Of course, the sperm cannot successfully fertilize the egg but the sheer thought of sperm being stored and attempting for multiple days on-end while the nourishing seminal and prostatic fluid reward your uterine lining is what evolutionary dreams are made of. I can’t speak for all women but since I have deliberately concentrated on having deep, breeding sex with large dogs my menstrual cycle is a lot more manageable than before: less cramps, less heavy bleeding, normalized moods. I am convinced that my body truly rewards me when I provide it with a steady diet of semen. I think human semen would work as well but it is substantially different from that of a canine in its consistency and most importantly volume. Besides, it’s very rare that a human’s semen finds its way into the cervix in any meaningful amount compared to a dog; most human semen rests in the vaginal canal and quickly leaks out unless the woman makes a special effort to keep it in but even then, unless there is a cervical orgasm, the os will stay fairly closed.

    I hope this has helped. I was going to post a blog entry on this but I don’t know how. Perhaps someone will educate me and I’ll post a lot more. I am a retired Physician’s Assistant for an OB/GYN. Prior to that I was a PA for a fertility doctor so I have studied the anatomy and physiology of reproduction for many years. It was through studying other mammalian reproductive systems that I became interested in dogs and boars. If someone will explain how to post blogs I will tell the story and more pseudo-scientific narratives of female-canine reproduction.

  7. ssaabb 12 months ago

    great post!!!

  8. madgic1978 1 year ago

    очень познавательно написано, надо по больше писать обо всём что бы получать удовольствие.

  9. donnazoo 1 year ago

    It got me dripping

  10. 1 year ago

    This is the real thing! Highly recommended.

  11. halifaxkink 1 year ago

    Great article, Samantha.
    Thanks, for sharing. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find reality-based advice. There is a dangerous difference between fantasy and reality.

  12. sam11111 1 year ago

    I need a help…?
    will any one help me plz…..!
    i m boy
    i want dog sex in anal
    how i should make him to fuck mee
    i try but the dog turn away
    what should i do?….
    plz help me…

  13. alsulami 1 year ago

    Good talking ??

  14. jennilovesjakie 1 year ago

    very stimulating

  15. skozza89 1 year ago

    Fantastic read, What type of dog did you breed with?

  16. bigdawg89 1 year ago

    Thank you for the great post!

  17. ladydoglove 1 year ago

    Amazing information for a newbie like me, very helpful. Thank you!

  18. bonpartenapo 1 year ago

    Thanks for the advices

  19. feble 1 year ago

    Very good advice. I loved your report

  20. azlyn4562 1 year ago

    The one experience I’ve had so far was many years ago. We had a male German Shepard. He was about 2 or 3 years old. I had been playing with him for a month or so. When I finally got him to mount me I was laying on my back with my legs over the edge of the bed. I had forgotten about the knot and when he mounted me he drove all the way in. I was enjoying the feeling of him in me when I felt the knot start to grow. At first I was afraid that it would hurt, but I soon found out in didn’t. In fact it felt very good as it was rubbing on my prostrate. I didn’t think it was possible to cum that quickly, but I had the best orgasm I’d had in a while.

  21. zooboy68 1 year ago

    This appears to have been written by someone who is experienced. Training your “partner” to properly mount you is training for both of you. If you don’t know and don’t have a tutor it can be a frustrating experience. She mentioned that your shoulders need to be much lower than your hips. This is true for a woman who wants that cock in her vagina and for the woman that is the goal. Holding him in can be a challenge, too. For a man, being up on all fours is what you’ll need to do to make things line up (and if a woman wants to feel it in the anus).

  22. curiouscd 1 year ago

    I wish I could experience this right now…

  23. k9cumdrunk 1 year ago

    I would like a male perspective on taking a knot and trying to get mounted for the first time!

    • lukasz102 1 year ago

      I managed to take a knot from my doggy lover. He was quite a big breed, something similar to labrador. I wont lie i was scared as hell when he locked himself with me. Luckly i was used to his manhood by then so there was no pain, only a feeling of complete fullnes.
      The part when he tried to pull out was quite painfull thou.

      • k9cumdrunk 1 year ago

        Wow I’ve never take. A knot and been locked, I would love to feel all the cum inside and me bust a nut while becoming a real bitch!!

        • lukasz102 1 year ago

          Yeah its really something to be knoted but i would recomend cumming only after your doggy lover has finished being locked with you.

  24. weed 1 year ago

    A point that is missed here is: How long is the dog’s erection, when he is fully hard and how deep is the vagina of the woman he is mounting. A danger of a long dog cock vs a woman not deep enough to hold him properly is that the lengthening of his shaft will push his knot back. Possibly forcing it into her opening before he swells enough to lock himself in. With a large dog this can mean a knot as large as a baby’s head, swelling and hardening right where the woman is tightest. Not a pleasant feeling and leaving her in a position where she can be ripped open, should he yank himself out.

    If the damage is enough to need hospital care, how do you explain the damage to the doctor? Especially when there’s still dog cum dripping out of that ruined vagina.

  25. dogwatcher 1 year ago

    Great article, would love to hear more about how you got into the scene.

  26. dgxuyes 1 year ago

    I can see many variables in there. for instance it would depend on the dog’s owner. If the dog is used to mount, it won’t take that much for him to mount either a novice or an experienced girl, the dog would know already what to do. It could be a very challenging and demanding experience if the novice girl is not used to dogs and also if she has little sexual experience, dogs don’t get romantic or kind.
    In the case of a novice girl, it would be better for her to play with him for a while, and to let him lick her all over, until she feels more comfortable and learn to trust him. This supposed to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, not a negative one.
    If the dog is not used to mount, he must be taught so, but this is another story.
    I speak on behalf of the experience I gather from two of my slaves who are into K9 for many years.

    • heytherebigboy 1 year ago

      This reply was very helpful, I’m a novice myself trying to get as much info as I can. And your reply was very informative. So thank you!

      • dgxuyes 1 year ago

        Hi, thanks for you kind words.
        It is difficult to present and explain things in just a few lines, as i said we would need to divide it by topics and address each one of them properly and adding examples to illustrate it.
        There are many faces as well, from the very first thought or fantasy of the girl thinking of being mounted, to the decision and consent and acceptance of being mounted, to the discovery of new emotions and so on.
        If you don’t mind I would like to discuss more about this with you.

  27. k9evangelist 1 year ago

    I think you’ve performed a valuble public service by posting this. As you pointed out, there is a lot of misinformation out there.

    Women need accurate information.

  28. kay4 1 year ago

    I learned the hard way. Pain , blood and sore for days. No orgasm. It was a terrible experience.

  29. manbusig 1 year ago

    Great words really listen to here words

  30. Author
    samanthajones1994 1 year ago

    Thank you all for your positive feedback x x

  31. ruzoo2 1 year ago

    Well written article. Not so much of a ‘how to’ for the newbie, It’s more of a ‘heads up’ that starting out isn’t all beer and skittles..

  32. darthcommander 1 year ago

    Hopefully some woman on here are inspired

  33. dowser86 1 year ago

    very well written, one could

  34. dowser86 1 year ago

    sehr gut geschrieben, könnte man mehr von lesen

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