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When I was around the age of 17, I was staying with my aunt and uncle every weekend that I could. I really didn’t like being at home due to family problems. About two or three weeks before school got out for the summer, my aunt and uncle surprised me by picking me up at school and told me they had a surprise for me.  I had no idea what it was or where we were going, but I was excited to find out.

We pulled into a driveway for a farm and as soon as we did ,my aunt turned around with a big smile on her face and said, “We are getting a puppy!”  I smiled back and could not wait to get out of the car.  We got out, walked up to the door and were greeted by a man and a woman. They introduced themselves and showed us the the puppies.

“We have three males left,” the woman said.
“What kind of puppies are they?” I asked.
“They are German short-hair pointers.”

I looked at one then the other and then the last one ,and I feel in love as soon as I held him, saying to my aunt and uncle “This one!”

From then on, I was at my uncle’s as much as I possible; every weekend, and in the summer, I would even stay weeks at a time. On the last month of summer break, I was over at their house for the first time in about a week, and we started watching a movie. When it ended, my uncle got up, said goodnight, and went to bed. I got up and went to the bathroom to put on a shirt and shorts for bed and just that, no underwear. I came back out and lay on the couch with a blanket over me, my aunt was in the chair next to me and the dog was on the floor.  About halfway through the TV show we were watching, the dog decided to join me on the couch, but he wanted to go under the blanket, which I thought was weird, but I didn’t think anymore of it.  In about five minutes, I felt a cold, wet nose going up my leg and then start licking my balls. I was shocked and I jolted a little, but it felt so good.

“Are you ok?” My aunt asked.

“Yes… yes, I was stretching and forgot the dog was between my legs,” I answered and laughed. Meanwhile, he was still licking me and I could not believe how good it felt. He started working his way up to my cock and was licking my head. Then, he started working his was back down, all the way to my taint. His tongue was going in between my crack to my butthole, so I decided to scoot down a little and hoped he could get more access to my butthole, but as soon as I did, my aunt got up and put the dog in his crate for the night and went to bed.

I loved the feeling so much, I needed more! So, I snuck into the spare bedroom where the dog was, closed the door, and let him out. I pulled off my shorts and he went straight to my cock and balls. I laid on the floor and let him go to town on me, spreading my butt cheeks so he could get to my butthole and let me jerk off at the same time. This is amazing, I keep thinking and love how good it feels. I came so hard… harder than I ever had. After l came, he cleaned up all my cum and even the cum that was on my balls and cock.

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  1. lecken202020 6 months ago

    ja es ist unbeschreiblich geil und tut irre gut wenn ein hund die eier leckt und die eichel mit seiner rauhen zunge verwöhnt, bis es kommt und er dann alles aufleckt, so wie es alle hunde machen

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