Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn

“Doggy Blows My Mind – Come On Baby, Just Pump It!”

Producer: DaChat
Models: Zumi with Tango
Running Time: 39 Minutes
Price: 80 Euros (discounts for various payment methods)


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Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


So, having discovered a hot Pet Pussy she never knew she had, in her first animal sex movie “Try Mine, Zumi is keen to swan-dive into dog fucking with joyous abandon. For Pet Ladies, dog sex is their own personal Secret Garden of delights. A place they are keen to explore, top to bottom. After all – what’s the point of having a great Pet Pussy if you’re not going to put her to very good use? 😉

If you go down to the woods today, you may get a nice surprise. With streets still slightly desolate from quarantine, Zumi, DaChat and co. have found a little nook wherein they can do their thing. Interesting to note that, despite the brutal concrete surroundings, Mother Nature will creep into every available cranny with her splash of beauty. And today, Tango plans to splash some beauty into Zumi’s sweet cranny. Good boy!


Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


While hunting around for a place to play, Zumi finds herself getting hornier by the second. Thoughts of pleasures to cum, no doubt. Unable to wait a moment longer, the Lady breaks out that cute little flower, and proceeds to warming her up with a cucumber. If the cucumber is 1 vegetable – and I am the other – then Zumi is only short of a serving of meat, to complete her meat-and-2-veg platter. Tango has doggy meat by the cockload, and his canine kitchen is open for business…


Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


Should you be one of the very many unfortunate bastards without a home, living rough here and there, there is at least 1 silver lining. That is, should you happen to be sleeping in some tucked away corner of this particular derelict building on this particular day, you might get to see lovely Zumi getting fucked by a dog. That is where the crew is shooting today, the rough gritty backdrop is a nice contrast to Zumi’s soft rosy flesh. The grafitti, and of course the dog sex, reminding us that no matter how shit things get – we will always find ways to express ourselves, and do our utmost to inject whatever beauty we can, into life…


Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


Zumi certainly hasn’t lost her touch, since her first dog fucking session. Tango slips into the Lady’s Pet Pussy like a foot into a glass slipper – a perfect fit. Her pet Prince Charming gets to work romancing the Lady the right way, getting off hard as he pumps that pussy over, and over. We can’t blame the chap – when it comes to flowers, Zumi’s is delightful, and lucky bastard Tango leaves us Pet Guys a touch envious…


Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


It doesn’t take long for all that pumping to work it’s magic, and Tango’s knot is locked up inside the Lady. Pumped with dog cock, now it’s time for that vagina to receive a heavy pumping with dog sperm. Squirt after squirt shoots up inside Zumi’s sex, as she works the joy out of him and waits patiently as our Hero empties his balls into her. That flower really is tailor-made for getting that dog juice –  Zumi’s petskills are coming on in leaps and bounds…


Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


Following the hard pumping, and a womb full of dog cum, Tango is left with a big hard red rocket. Zumi knows the drill – the dog sperm belongs inside her. So, the Lady gets to work pleasuring Tango’s throbbing cock with her mouth – working it with her lips and tongue, and worshipping the dog cock as only a Pet Lady can. Marvellous…

A short lunch break, and the Lady is ready for more. So is Tango. The crew slip back to the location for more heavy canine romance. Another hard mount ensues – Zumi is really feeling it, she’s quite vocal as the dog cock slices in and out of her soft wet slit, and his knot starts to lock up inside her. Another nice smooth mount, Zumi is really learning to take a dog like a pro Pet Girl…


Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn


The movie wraps up with a short interview with Zumi – the Lady fills us in, while sitting there still leaking dog cum post-mating. Great to see Zumi is really getting into dog fucking, she’s a natural. Here’s hoping for tons more dog sperm in that nice Pet Pussy in the future… in the mean time enjoy Zumi – and Tango, as he pumps it! 🙂


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Art Of Zoo Movies - Pump It by Zumi - animal porn




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  1. Alcapone79 4 weeks ago

    This is a nice video. Zumi is very cute and is starting to enjoy herself. She takes the knot very well, but she still need to learn to swallow more loads of dog cum. I like when she is being interviewed and dog cum is still dripping from her pussy, Hot!. I am sure the more videos she does, the more comfortable she will become. She already agreed in the video that she is open to fuck a pig. I will definite be purchasing the video as well. hope to see you with a pig soon Zumi.

  2. Bobtiow 4 weeks ago

    Why only horses or dogs? Film with ostrich sheep

    • Author
      Adam 4 weeks ago

      An Ostrich is a bird and has a cloaca no doubt. Much as I’m sure he’d give it a go, it would be a dangerous exercise in basically frotting at best. So I reckon we will stick with the dolphins for now thanks.

    • Geminiart 4 weeks ago

      Please, no quirks. No ostriches, no fish, no octopuses. Let’s stick to the old, good and proven mammals lovers such as dogs, boars and horses.

      • Author
        Adam 4 weeks ago

        Don’t write the octopus off just yet – long as they are alive of course – have a feeling the giant octopus might be up for it 😉

  3. AoZLover 4 weeks ago

    Look awesome!

  4. Baydar04 1 month ago

    Ben amalianın hamile kalmasını isterdim

  5. Baydar04 1 month ago

    Adem hamile kalan oluyormu peki merak ettim

  6. Qh1728400382 1 month ago

    好清纯的感角 爱了YOU爱了

  7. matamata 1 month ago

    Zumi is super cute and takes it so very well! DaChat is a master at finding beautiful willing models and capturing the event wonderfully! Very grateful for his continued contributions! My only hope for future films is some diversity in positions and content, please. Let’s please see some girl on top/cowgirl! Girl sitting in chair. Girl underneath/missionary! Girl under start to finish a dog with hands and mouth. (Just a few thoughts from the peanut gallery) Thanks again, much appreciation for this site and it’s content!!

  8. art30 1 month ago

    Excellent movie hope to see more from zumi maybe some anal could be happening next time she stuffed that cucumber so nicely in that sweet ass of hears

  9. Stevejacky 1 month ago

    Please bring back the fantazi good girl, she was the best of your production.we wish your everyvideos like that, but none happend after that. We would like to see the videos must be fired like Fantazi Good Girl

  10. nivr 1 month ago

    This has to be one of the best movie I have watched this year. Zumi once again doesn’t fail to impress. I still have no regrets for saying she’s my favorite model. I just love her and her camera team. The setting of this movie is so raw which makes makes it even more enticing. With the run down concrete background and zumi kneeling in the perfect bitch position on a piece of carton and letting tango has his way. It is a beautiful sight to behold. I could not fault this movie. Once more camera views are spot on with clear knot scenes, pull outs and all zumi’s face expressions while her sweet pussy devour Tango’s knot and squeezing all the doggy juices out of his cock.

    Special thanks to Lily who helped me with the download issues. You are awesome!

    • support 1 month ago

      Was my pleasure to help you, i want that your experience on our site is the best you and all other supporting members can get in this genre and from what i read from your comment you did have a good time enjoying Zumi’s latest adventure 😉

  11. 9xzoned00 1 month ago

    Zumi gets two great mounts and awesome oral looking forward to more Zumi videos maybe with multiple dogs?

  12. K9corp 1 month ago

    She has me wishing to be in her footage .I would love to be her beta dog and tongue her creampie .

  13. art30 1 month ago

    Absolutely lovely that zumi is back for more fat dog cocks 😉

    • Johnathanwaynejackson 1 month ago

      I Know that i would LOVE to have another DOG Knott in me ,,I remember the FIRST time I had gotten nailed!!! IT felt SO BIG AND FEEL HIM EXPLODE HARD IN MY ASS and FUCK ME HARD IN MY ASS Was Marvelous and I would LOVE to have IT AGAIN 😍

  14. Metaleiro 1 month ago

    Tango has fucked more pussy than most of us. He’s a real stallion.

  15. asukagirl 1 month ago

    I think the video will be a bomb. It always looks exciting “inexperience and real interest” when a girl learns something new with great interest, and gets a lot of emotions for it … Success to you)

    • Geminiart 1 month ago

      This is her second scene. So she already has some experience with knots. Apparently she came back for more.

  16. anxiousPenguin 1 month ago

    Zumi is such a cute lady and the public setting is so hot in a seedy grimy kind of way. But i just wish there was kissing like in Dachat’s earlier videos, Fantazi’s close-up kissing scenes were incredible and i crave more scenes like that…

  17. stardog 1 month ago

    I love girls in Chuck Taylors

  18. PHONG2020 1 month ago


  19. kamadevan 1 month ago

    Let them watch Strayx sugerdane before shooting, she was a real dog lover… 😊

  20. Geminiart 1 month ago

    Well, Zumi may not be my dream girl (I prefer blondes) but I have to admit to this scene that she is extremely exciting (this is how it looks in the pictures). These white stockings on this young doggy bitch are adorable. And as @duckhead wrote, petlove scenes in public places are super hot, especially when we hear or even see bystanders and street / city sounds in the background (I don’t know if that’s the case here, I’m just saying I love it).

    Adam, will we get some seductive Russian blonde in the next few weeks?

  21. duckhead 1 month ago

    Public/outdoor sex and dog sex? This is literally my dream movie.

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