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When Stray and I first left UK in search of the great pet adventure, our first stop was Thailand. We’ve all heard the stories, about live dog shows around every corner etc. We scoured Bangkok, Phuket and finally Pattaya. We saw every kind of sex show, people fucking, ping pong stunts and Ladies pulling goldfish out of their flowers. But no dog shows. Apparently, the government had done a sweep of the more exotic live shows 1 year before we arrived. Well ain’t that my luck, a day late and a dollar short 🙁

We also very quickly realized that porn is largely illegal in Thailand. No dog shows, no porn – this town probably wasn’t going to work out.

Thailand is mostly Buddhist. For Thais it’s customary to go to the local temple, and get blessings for this and that. The monks will say a few words, and give you a talisman e.g. a bangle if you want your health / luck blessed, a little picture with religious iconography, if you wanted to put that in your house, or your shop.

I went into a small kiosk shop to buy some cigarettes. Stray was standing next to me, and I noticed the shops talisman. It was of a rearing stallion with a huge erection, about to penetrate the young Lady beneath him with legs open wide. I had to do a double take. I nudged Stray, and she looked as surprised as I was.

The talisman was just a photocopy, but the original artwork looked to be very old. It had all kinds of writings around it, Indiana Jones would have loved it. The shopkeeper was reluctant, but we managed to persuade her to sell us a photocopy of her photocopy for 5 bucks. We asked her where she had got this originally. She wasn’t sure, somehow, but pointed us in the direction of such-and-such temple, about 1 km away. So, off we went in pursuit of answers.

It’s customary to wear modest clothing when entering a temple. Stray was wearing shorts so she had to wait outside – I’m now flying solo. A couple saffron-clad young rookie monks were sweeping the courtyard, they started gravitating towards me as I wandered around. I smiled, and bowed – then pulled out ‘the pic’ and showed it to them. They didn’t speak any English, but they thought the pic was quite funny and quickly ushered me up some stairs. Maybe some kinda Buddhist practical joke I don’t know.

So now, I find myself in the Abbots chambers. It’s dark and mysterious, much like that scene from Batman Begins, when Bruce first enters the League of Shadows. Incense burning, monks chanting to each side, all very reverent. There is a queue of kneeling people kow towing to the Abbot, asking for prayers and blessings for this and that. Seeing I didn’t speak any Thai and was looking understandably uncertain about being there, a kindly Japanese Lady tourist who did speak Thai, asked me what I needed. I showed her the pic, her eyebrows went up, and she handed it back, mumbling something about being ‘not sure’. 😀

Eventually I’m at the front of the queue. There’s now a queue behind me. The old Abbot was looking down at me inquisitively. He didn’t speak any English either, but I tried to explain that I was trying to find out about this picture, as I handed him the paper. He leaned over and took it from me. Then sat there nodding sagely for a few moments, giving suitable consideration to what he had just been handed.

After a few moments, he spoke out to whoever generally – probably something along the lines of ‘da fuq this honky just handed me?’ – and a dialogue ricocheted around the room. Great – now everyone in the room knows about me and my horse cock. Nobody in the room spoke English, luckily the previous Japanese Lady was putting her shoes on outside the door, and called back translating what I was saying. Ah! nodded the Abbot. Horse cock enlightenment.


ArtOfZoo - sex with horse

Another nice example of a horse sex talisman…


Anyway, turns out the talisman was not from that temple at all. Instead, the kindly old Abbot gave me a general blessing, and a talisman of a half-horse-half-fish. I bowed and said thank you – then exited as gracefully as possible, none the wiser about the horse cock.

Stray thought it was funny anyway 🙂

The saddest thing is, that during one of our many moves, the picture got lost so I can’t even show it to you. And when we returned to Thailand some 10 years later, I went looking for the shop again, but it had gone. So the mystery of the horse cock remains.

If any of our readers should be familiar with this religious iconography do please let us know – better yet if you have a copy of this artwork, that would be great, so I can add it here. It was a line drawing, it looked a bit like this (yes I know this is Indian) except with a large erect horse instead of a dog:


ArtOfZoo - Temple of the Horse Cock


That is one of my temple stories, I have another. Just goes to show, the pet love pops up in the most unexpected places. And, someplace somewhere, there is a temple giving our horse cock blessings. Sounds like our kinda temple 🙂

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  1. napemi2019 1 year ago

    I just found a Thai talisman in an ebay page:
    Im not sure if I can paste the link here.
    Hope can help you
    Was a funny adventure story.

  2. Daisymare 1 year ago

    I used to write and research horse sex lore but I didn’t explore Asian horse sex that much until much later in life. There is that place with all the sex carvings that might include a version of that image you saw.

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