is running:
"Vanessa's Valentine" - Run Ends: 7th May
"Pleasure Flower" - Run Ends: 13th May
"Black Orchid" - Run Ends: 21st May


"Black Orchid"
Lover I need all of your sweet nectar...
"Pleasure Flower"
Lise takes our boys to secret places of intense ecstasy...
"Boar to the Core"
Hero Hog injects the Princess' pet pussy with plenty of fresh nectar...
"Vanessa's Valentine"
Take me, I am your gift...
"Winter Wonder"
When it's cold outside, something warm inside...
"Sensational Sam"
M takes Sam in a breathtaking training session...
"Wolf Fairytale"
Caught by my Dreams...
"Dog Sex Toy"
Trained to be the perfect pleasure slave for dogs...


A warm welcome to all fans of great animal sex video! Art Of Zoo is the last remaining publisher of high-quality modern animal erotica in the world today.

We specialize in publishing video created by real pet people – you will find no commercial performers here, nothing plastic. We select only the most sincere, most intimate and affectionate movies for your viewing pleasure. Real Ladies, sharing sensual moments with their furry friends – the thrill of petlove is as unique, as it is exciting and intriguing.

Please have a browse, and take a moment to register, for access to bigger screenshots, Model photos and private site areas.

All the best in petlove,

Adam & the GAIA Team


Easter Bonus - 10% Free Beans!

We are a bit late with this bonus - sorry everyone! It was supposed to be the Easter bonus. Well, I guess any time is the right time for extra free...

Missionary Dog Sex - the Empathic Position

There have been - and to many extents there still are - human endeavours that have reached, along the millenia, mythical or near mythical status. H...

Pet Girl Admiration

Pet Girl Admiration

by Marcot6

I find it very stimulating to see a woman’s beauty and shyness – her warm and silky skin, her beautiful hands with their painted red fi...

Art of Dog Sucking and Oral Sex

Yeah, baby! Oral. Tongue action right to the pussy, right to the tool. Saliva, sex juices and lot of fun! We can only expect a joyful experience wh...

You Crazy Cats ;)

Ah you people, what am I going to do with you? :)

Largely, what am I going to do with myself, since I just wrote all this once, and lost...

Taken by the Boar

This is a new thing for me. I am, and have always been, a true blue pet girl, a dog sex girl. And a wolf girl. I adore canines. yet, after seeing o...

Animal Sex in Games: Part 2

The world of beast sex themed games is small but thriving compared to it's relative non-existence not so many years back. In fact there's now so ma...

Tribute: The T2T Trilogy

Tribute: The T2T Trilogy

by wanderer555

There is something exceptional to the Gaia Gold club and to the Gaia community: in spite of all the legal, financial, technical (as in "network inf...

Dog Sex: Missionary and Other Wonders

There's something special about the missionary position during sex between a girl and a dog. If you ever saw part 6 of The Record, with the Goddess...

Animal Sex Highlights of 2015

We are all looking forward to what the New Year has to bring but, with 2015 having just come to a close, it is a good time to reflect back on some ...

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